E3 Projects is a project management consultancy servicing the Australian property sector. Our clients include building owners, property managers, developers and real estate managers.

We differ from traditional project management companies in that we operate on the side of the client as the client’s project manager.

We represent our client in dealings with architects, engineers, contractors, consultants, builders and Government agencies.


Unique Service Offering

We provide a unique service offering to clients who may be experiencing periods of unusually high workloads or who may not have contractor management as part of their core business.

CAPEX Management

We have extensive experience in CAPEX project management and can act as your superintendent for the management and delivery of both small and large capital projects.


We have a strong commitment to health, safety and the environment. We believe all people have a fundamental right to a safe workplace and believe that we should continuously refine our operations to minimise harm to the planet.

Our mission is to provide efficient, effective, ethical management services.